Sam Berns was no ordinary 17-year-old kid. I watched his TED Talk on his philosophy for living a happy life and have never forgotten him since. So when I recently learned that Sam had died, tears welled up in my eyes, thinking back to his three-pronged approach to living in joy. Sam is gone, but the ideas he shared are ones that I hope to keep alive through my own life, until that day that my own heart ceases to work.

Progeria is a rare disease that affects only about 350 children in the entire world but rather than focus on the limitations imposed on him, Sam espoused an outlook of triumph, patience, understanding, and the courage to overcome.

All of that from a teenager! How many of us can benefit from his resolve, his tenacity of spirit, and Sam’s deep belief in the power of the possible.

So it is with tears that I bid my own farewell to someone I never met but who I will never forget. Please enjoy Sam’s “Philosophy on Living A Happy Life”

-Alok Appadurai is a poet, writer, co-founder of Fed By Threads, a vegetarian, believer in kindness, and proud father!

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