Lou Xiaoying made a living recycling rubbish but what she found one day in 1972 changed her life: an abandoned baby. Ever since, she and her now deceased husband began taking babies that were being discarded into the streets by families that could not take care of them.

While it is heart-breaking to think that babies may be left to die, people like Ms. Xiaoying are inspirations.

She has since raised over 30 children, according to the Daily Mail UK. What makes her efforts so remarkable is that she isn’t a wealthy woman monetarily yet finds it in her heart to take in these unfortunate children, adopting them like her own, nursing them back to health so that they can thrive in a world where they didn’t have a fair start.

Lou Xiaoying’s actions are a reminder of how special the human spirit is when we dedicate ourselves to loving those who most need it.

-Alok Appadurai is a poet, public speaker, writer, founder of Good Elephant, a vegetarian, and proud father, believing in a world where positive actions change lives.

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