Boyan Slat has come up with a simple, affordable way to remove the plastic from what’s known as the Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean Gyre. “We are living in the Plastic Age,” Mr. Slat says in his TED Talk. And it’s true. Plastic has become ubiquitous, cheap, and durable: qualities that big companies love, to the chagrin of our oceans.

Because of the natural currents, the plastic in the form of tiny particles and pieces has become a plastic whirling dirvish the size of Texas.

Estimates to clean up the mess often run into the billions of dollars, but Mr. Slat’s plan costs 33x less, using simple technologies!

He calls himself a doer rather than simply sitting on the sidelines wondering when someone else will get up and fix the problem of the plastics in the world’s oceans. Let’s hope his plan works.

-Alok Appadurai is founder of Good Elephant, is a writer, co-founder of Fed By Threads, an environmentalist, and proud father.