Equal parts calm and fierce, Tere Fowler-Chapman delivers poetic justice to audiences, leaving them in a transfixed silence, contemplating truths and questions that voice realities for millions. It is that quality that I most admire.

Her words promise a timeless experience that lasts generations. She traverses race, class, family, gender, sexuality, and numerous other elements of the human condition.

Poetry and spoken word allow passion and conviction of the soul to shine through. Tere’s lyrical style uses pauses to let the listener catch our breathe and have her words absorb into our pores. And in today’s world where attacks on women and women’s rights are on the rise globally, we need powerful women to arise and lead.

Tere is a rising star who consistently delivers on stage. At a recent event as I listened to her recent writings laid over a percussionist’s meanderings, I smiled to myself knowing I was listening to the voice of a nation.

You can connect with Tere at www.TereFowlerChapman.com

-Alok Appadurai is a writer, poet, founder of Good Elephant, a proud father, vegetarian, and believer in kindness.